C A Welch Engineering Services


My Dad has been a self employed engineer for years but has never really had any company branding. As this is something I am interested in I decided to see if I could help by creating a brand identity for him. His favourite colour is red and is the colour that could be found in the garish word art style type on the side of his van. Luckily this van is now sold and the bad design is gone forever. The first thing I focused on was a logo. I wanted to keep the red for some consistency but I wanted to attempt a complete redesign of the logo.


After experimenting with creating icons in illustrator I wanted to use the cogs that I had created however I felt that this design was very simple and basic and not in a good way, the font is not suitable for the branding image I want to create.


I really like this logo that I created using Dads initials, I think that this is simple in a good way, the straight lines give an industrial look and the use of only initials rather than an icon allows for versatility if Dad every decided to change direction. Dad wasn’t so sure about this logo as he believed people wouldn’t know what it meant. I then decided to add a border.


I wasn’t very keen on this design, I’m not sure exactly why but I don’t think it looks as good as the previous design and after showing Dad many other company logos and how simple they are I convinced him that the previous logo was the better option. I think it is bold, easily recognisable and versatile.

I then created a business card using this logo.


I think that the font I have chosen suits the company images and the works well with the logo design.

My next challenge is to create a website. I mainly embarked upon this challenge to improve on the skills I had learnt making my own. I was introduced to Bootstrap late on in my own project and wanted to experiment with it further so created a simple website for dad. I did’t complete this part of the project as Dad lost interest and so did I but I intend to come back to this when I have the time. Below are some screen shots from the website I created.

screenshotcli screenshothm screenshotproj screenshotserv

It has now been about a year since I created this website and web design and my understanding designing for the web and tools to help has moved on and improved so I feel when it comes to completing this project I will end up with a much better outcome.