Chris Welch Enduro


Another business that my Dad is in the process of setting up is a Bike company selling parts and a bespoke adjustment service for Sherco bikes.


Dad asked me to create a logo to be used on business cards so that he can start to advertise this new business. The colours I have chosen are the colours of the Sherco bikes I think this simple design gives enough information about the company and is recognisable and simple.


This is the finished design that was printed on the business cards with dads details as follows:


I intend to work with dad more to help him build his digital profile. I have created a twitter page for this company but without regular posting its not doing so well. When I have the time I will also create an online shop for this company to display the products and services it will offer as well as creating some advertising to grow the business. I am happy with the work i have done on the logo so far but when I have the time to work on this project some more I may consider redesigning it.