DateNovember 2016

When I left University in July I applied for many jobs in the Digital Industry however I was unsuccessful and decided to pursue a career in banking. I believed I would be suited to this role due to my successful budgeting whilst at University and my interest in the changing interest rates and where best to place my money, I thought I would be able to help customers make the most of their money. Unfortunately after a short time I realised this was not the career for me and in order to succeed in life I need to use the skills gained in my Degree. I began looking for jobs in digital marketing and for digital agencies and felt I needed to make myself stand out. This is why I created my instaCV. I use Instagram regularly to display pictures of holidays and photography (a hobby of mine) I have a decent reaction to my pictures and follow several digital agencies so thought it would be a good place to advertise myself for employment.

I am still looking for work and will continue to add to Instagram and improve my online profile.

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